J Visa

Successful Visa Interview

Prepare to Succeed   Tip 8: Demonstrate strong connection to your home country For a successful visa interview you must be able to prove to the visa officer that you have strong reasons to return to your country of origin. Strong ties may include, family, property, financial ties, or investments. You must be able to
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Denied Visa

Plan for your visa interview and avoid a Denied Visa Applying for a student or scholar visa is stressful. To ensure success, read this article outlining eight common reasons why people end up with a denied visa.   Factor 8: Lacking Evidence of Return: This is one of the most common reasons for a denied
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Affordable Care Act and F or J Visa

Most F and J  Visa Holders are Exempt A guide for international students and scholars to understand insurance requirements in the United States under the Affordable Care Act – Most International Students and Scholars are Exempt   Affordable Care Act (ACA) Explained   The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed by President Obama in 2010. The bill
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IMG Purchase Links

International Medical Group quick links for sales.  Know what you’re looking for? Just need a link? This post is the right place to find it. Looking for plan benefits and pricing? Need advice, try one of our other resources: j1insurance.net – for Patriot Travel Plans, student and scholar plans, or global plans. Buy J1 visa insurance – for
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IMG Online Service Links

  Renew an International Medical Group – IMG Individual or family policy You can renew any of these plans with the link below. TaiAn Patriot Exchange (Plan B) TaiAn Exchange Select (Plan S) Patriot Exchange (Plan B) Student Health Advantage (Plan A) Patriot America Patriot International GlobeHopper This link is for individual or family plans (not
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International Medical Group

International Medical Group (IMG) offers a full line of international medical insurance products. You can explore the product categories below to find the right International Medical Group offering to meet your needs. International Student and International Scholar plans are designed for spending several years studying or researching abroad. If you are permanently living abroad you
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