Five Important Facts about the J2 Visa

What you need to know about the J2 Visa

J2 Visa

The J2 Visa is for dependents of the primary J1 visa holder.  J2 is a non-immigrant visa designed for spouses and children under the age of 21. J2 visa holders can travel with the primary visa holder or meet later.


Fact 5: Eligibility Depends on J1 Sponsor

Some J1 visa holders are eligible to bring a J2 Dependent, some are not. Au pairs, camp councilors, secondary school student and summer work travel programs do not permit a J2 dependent. Beyond that, it is up to the discretion of the J1 program whether they will sponsor J2 dependents. To apply for a J2 visa, you must follow the same process as the primary visa holder.


Fact 4: J2 Visa Holders can often work or study:

A J1 visa is restricted to working for the program sponsor. J2 dependents are permitted to work with special permission from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as long as the money is not needed to support the J1 visa holder. Dependents can also study without having a separate visa.


Fact 3:  Limitations of J2 Visa – Dependent on the J1’s status:

The J2 visa is added on to the primary J1 visa; therefore, the status of the J2 is dependent on the status of the J1. If the J1 visa is in jeopardy so are any J2 visa holders traveling with them. The most common reason for a visa to be reconsidered once in the USA is failing to adhere to insurance requirements. For more information about J visa insurance requirements read this article.


Fact 2:  Information to have to get your J2 visa:

When a J2 dependent is getting their visa they will need:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof that the J1 applicant can financially support all J2 applicants (this can be in the form of bank statement or a note from the J1 employer validating income)
  • A valid DS-2019
  • Proof of relationship (this may be in the form of a birth certificate or marriage license)


Fact 1:  J2 visa Insurance requirement:

All J1 and J2 visa holders are required to uphold a baseline level of insurance. The J1 visa holder and the J2 visa holder status is at risk for failure to maintain qualifying coverage. To avoid paying a high cost for insurance, contact TaiAn international insurance. To find your institutions insurance requirements visit our school look up. With J visa insurance starting at just $37 a month, we can help you find an insurance package that meets your need.


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    Can j2 visa holder become a pharamacist in USA who is already a pharmacist in INDIA?

    1. // Reply


      A j2 is allowed to apply to a degree program while in the US. However, if you apply while on J2 status (as a domestic and not international student) you would need to complete your program before the J1 completes their program. Once the J1’s program is done, you wouldn’t be allowed to stay to complete your program and your J2 visa will expire.

      So, depending on the length of the program, you might need to apply for your own visa, not as a dependent.

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