J Visa Trainee Program

J Visa Trainee As a J visa trainee, foreign professionals are allowed to come to the USA to gain experience and exposure to USA culture while getting training in a USA business or occupation. This not only is an opportunity for the Visa holder to learn but also an opportunity for the USA workers to learn from the Visa holder.

J visa Trainee Program Requirements:

In order to be considered as a J visa trainee the applicant must have a professional certificate from a foreign university and at least one year of work experience or no professional degree but 5 years of work experience in the field the applicant chooses to come to the USA to train in.

Trainees are not permitted to work in unskilled labor jobs or positions that require child/ elder care or any type of patient care or contact. Additionally, the trainee cannot be in a position that does more than 20% clerical work or takes the place of what would be a full time or part time employees.


To sponsor a j visa trainee the sponsor must conduct a site visit to organizations that have not previously participated in the program, have less than 25 employees or have an annual revenue of less than $3 million dollars. The sponsor must collect the employer’s ID number, verify all company information and provide proof of worker’s compensation insurance.

If the trainee is with the company for greater than six months, the sponsor must conduct a midpoint evaluation as well as an assessment at the completion of the program. If the program is less than a six-month period, then there must be an evaluation at the end of the program.

The trainee must be properly selected, oriented and evaluated. The program must be at least 32 hours a week.


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