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IMG iTravelInsured Travel Insurance protects your investment in your vacation.  The travel plan will cover you whether you are going on a cruise, travelling internationally, or renting a car to explore on your own.  You select the coverage you want.  It can include trip cancellation for any reason, lost baggage, rental car coverage, and unexpected medical costs including emergency medical evacuation.


Content Updated 3/30/2021

iTravelInsured Travel Insurance Plan Highlights


  • All iTravelInsured Plans on this Page Cover COVID-19 medical claims Same as any Illness
  • Protect your travel costs, emergency medical, and rental car.
  • Trip Cancellation or travel interruption.
  • Emergency Medical coverage including Evacuation.
  • Rental Car protection – frequently less expensive than from rental car company.
  • Lost Baggage.
  • Coverage for Pre-existing conditions (SE or LX plan).
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance.
  • Kids free (SE plan only).
  • Cancel for any reason (LX plan only) if you purchase Trip Insurance within 20 days of paying your initial trip deposit.
  • 4 plans to choose from.
  • For travelers travelling internationally or domestically.
  • Requires a US address but travel can be from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
  • Maximum trip duration 180 days.
  • Maximum Age 99
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage requires that you purchase within 20 days of initial trip deposit.
  • Group Plan Available for Groups of 10 or more – See GT Brochure for details.
  • Not all plans are available to residents of all states. You will need to click to quote link to find plans available in your state.

Travel Insurance Plan Benefit Comparison

Taian Travel Insurance Travel Lite Travel SE Travel LX
Travel Cancellation $25,000 $50,000 $100,000
Travel Interruption 125% of trip cost insured 150% of trip cost insured 150% of trip cost insured
Travel Delay $500 Max ($125/day) $500 Max ($125/day) $1000 Max ($250/day)
Missed Connection $500 $500 $500
Lost Baggage $750 $1,500 $2,500
Baggage Delay $150 $250 $500
Medical Benefit Accident / Sickness $100,000 $150,000 $500,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
Common carrier AD&D N/A $25,000 $100,000
Cancel any reason N/A N/A 75% of trip cost – must purchase
within 20 days of initial trip deposit
Cancel for Work Reasons Yes Yes Yes
Rental Car Damage N/A $40,000 Optional Rider $40,000
Children 17 and under free N/A Yes N/A
Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage N/A Yes Yes
24/7 emergency travel assistance Yes Yes Yes
Brochure Travel Lite Travel SE Travel LX
Price Quote or Purchase Buy Travel Lite Buy Travel SE Buy Travel LX


A few Examples of how Travel Insurance works

Example 1

You are traveling to Florida for a week long spring break trip. The Travel SE plan insuring a $500 per person trip is $34 and Travel LX $81 providing rental car coverage.


Example 2

You are 30 years old and spending $5,000 on a once in a lifetime 10 day cruise. You are worried that your boss might change your vacation schedule and you won’t be able to go. Travel Lite $140, Travel SE $155, Travel LX $250.





Travel Lite
Travel SE
Travel LX
Travel GT

What’s the difference between Travel Insurance and Travel Medical Insurance?

Who is eligible to purchase?

Travel Medical Insurance is for medical coverage while you are outside of your home country.

Travel Insurance could be for travel outside your home country, but it is also good if you are staying in your home country.  You can use travel insurance if you are just renting a car for a drive around your home state.

Travel medical insurance provides only limited home country medical coverage. Travel insurance medical coverage includes your home country.

What travel related expenses are Covered?

Travel Medical Insurance includes limited coverage for trip interruption, baggage delay and travel delay.

Travel Insurance coverage includes the cost of having to cancel your travel plans due to illness or work related commitments, or in the case of the LX plan just because you changed your mind and decided not to travel.

What about medical coverage for pre-existing conditions?

Travel Medical Insurance generally excludes or significantly limits coverage for pre-existing conditions.  Coverage may be limited to an acute onset of a previously stable pre-existing condition.

The SE and LX travel plans don’t have the same limitation.  These plans have more coverage for pre-existing conditions and are the best choice for someone with a pre-existing condition travelling for 31 days or less.







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    I will be traveling to Ireland on Aug 15, 2018 thru Aug 22, 2018 than to England on 8/22/18 thru 8/29/18 back to Ireland on 8/29 /18 thru 9/5/18 flying home on
    9/5/18 Ft Lauderdale. So I need travel insurance for 3 weeks.

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      You have several choices. Patriot International is our most popular plan. You can choose your benefit level and deductible level. If you want more benefits, you can consider the Platinum Plan. If you are from the US you can have insurance that also protects your travel expenses with an iTravelInsured plan.

      Patriot International and Platinum are here:

      iTravelInsured is here:


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