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International Medical Group – IMG Europe travel medical insurance is designed for the European market.  Policies can be purchased in Dollars, Pounds, or Euros.  Benefits can be payable in Dollars, Pounds, or Euros.  Whether you are trying to meet the requirements of a Schengen Visa, or you want your benefits payable in a specific currency, IMG Europe has a plan to meet your needs. offers (through a wide range of international medical insurance products for expatriates and business people who may be working or living abroad for a year or more. Other plans are for travellers who require shorter term cover. Our products allow our customers to travel between countries, operate from multiple locations, and seek treatment worldwide. To meet all of these needs, we have a range of medical insurance plans for people of all nationalities.

You can see more detailed plan information by clicking on the “Download a brochure & application” link associated with each product. Once you have determined which plan best fits your needs, click on the “Quote/Buy Insurance” link and you can complete the simple and easy-to-follow application.

If you aren’t sure which plan is right for you, let us know and we can help.

Content Update 3/30/2021

Coverage for individuals & families worldwide

GlobalSelect® International Healthcare

Individual & family (1 year or longer)

GlobalSelect(R) International Healthcare brochure and application

GlobalSelect from IMG Europe Ltd., is a long-term, annually renewable, international private medical insurance plan for individuals and families of all nationalities. GlobalSelect offers you the flexibility to choose the level of cover that suits your own personal needs and budget. There are 4 sub-plans offering a broad range of covers and benefits. Each sub-plan offers you a selection of 3 geographic areas of cover and a wide range of excess levels to choose from. This plan is designed for the long term buyer who expects to need the coverage three years or more.

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GlobalFusionSM International Medical Insurance

Individual & family (1 year or longer)

GlobalFusion International Medical Insurance Brochure

GlobalFusion from IMG Europe Ltd., is designed to meet your total needs. The plan range offers you flexible options and choice.  Select from a range of unique coverage options.  Each has specialized covers. You can customize your length and area of cover and select from multiple annual excesses and premium payment installment options. The plan also provides flexible underwriting methods.  This allows us to extend cover to you that may be declined by other companies.  This plan is designed for the for someone expecting to need the coverage from 1 to 5 years or longer.

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GlobeHopperSM Single-Trip Travel Medical Insurance

Individual & family – Short-term coverage available from five days up to two years.

GlobalHopper Single-Trip Travel Medical Insurance Brochure

GlobeHopperSM from IMG Europe Ltd., is designed to meet the needs of international travellers looking for temporary travel medical insurance coverage while traveling outside of their home country. In addition to medical benefits, the plan includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation and security and political evacuation; cremation/burial, or repatriation of remains; and a wide choice of excess and plan maximums.

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More details about IMG Europe GlobeHopper

GlobeHopperSM Platinum Travel Medical Insurance

Individual & family – Short-term coverage available from five days up to two years.

GlobeHopper Platinum Travel Medical Insurance Brochure And Application

GlobeHopperSM Platinum from IMG Europe Ltd., provides first-class protection.  Designed for the international traveller who wants the maximum cover available in a short-term travel medical product on the market today. GlobeHopper Platinum builds upon the core benefits of the GlobeHopper Single-Trip plan and can provide up to $8,000,000/ £5,000,000/ €6,250,000 of cover.  Benefits are enhanced with IMG Europe Global Concierge & Assistance ServicesSM

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DownloadGlobeHopper Platinum Individual Travel Medical brochure

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Travel Medical Insurance

Annual multi-trip medical insurance for individuals and families.

GlobalHopper Multi-Trip Travel Medical Insurance Brochure

GlobeHopperSM Multi-Trip from IMG Europe Ltd., is designed for individuals and families who travel frequently outside of their home country throughout the year. The plan offers the ease of buying a single annual premium plan that provides coverage for trips up to 30 or 45 days in length for each trip taken during a period of 12 months. The plan provides up to $1,000,000, £600,000 or €800,000 of medical coverage and services.

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    Dear Sir/madam

    Your company has been recommended to me from one of your clients,

    Would it be possible to receive a quote for insurance/liability cover whilst i am working in Iraq.

    The period would be from 01 Jun – 30 Nov 2017 (6 Months cover).

    I am looking for medical expenses cover up to 5,000,000 sterling, travel insurance, personal liability cover 2,000,000,


    Mr Martin Wickenden
    NATO Security Adviser

    1. // Reply

      Hi Martin,

      I’ll send my response to your email also – for your convenience.

      I have two plans that will provide cover for up to 5,000,000 Sterling.

      They are the GlobeHopper Platinum Travel Medical Insurance, and the Global Select plans. Global Select is more comprehensive coverage and is designed for people looking for coverage for longer periods of time. Typically 3 years or longer. GlobeHopper Platinum is designed to cover illness and injury for up to three years. Both plans are offered by IMGEurope.

      You should look at the two brochures to see which plan is better for you.

      Both brochures and purchase/Quote links are on this page:

      Since it sounds like GlobeHopper Platinum is better for you, I’ll tell you a bit more about that one. You choose the benefit level and 5,000,000 Sterling is one of the choices. You can select the excess option as well – from 0 to 16,000 sterling. You choose the area of cover. It sounds like Worldwide excluding the US and Canada is right for you. It would cost less than worldwide and provide your coverage in Iraq.

      None of my plans will cover the level of personal liability cover you are seeking. These plans are principally designed to cover medical related expenses. You may need to look elsewhere for the level of personal liability cover you are seeking.

      After you review the brochure, you can click the purchase link on this webpage:

      for a no obligation quote or to buy.

      Let me know what questions you have, I’m glad to help!


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    Thanks, it is very informative

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