COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance

COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance covers illness (including Coronavirus) or injury while traveling outside your home country.

What Expenses are Covered by COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance?

  • Medically Necessary COVID-19 Testing – A test prescribed by a physician that is performed after your effective date of coverage and after you depart your home country is a covered medical expense.
  • Treatment for COVID-19 whether inpatient or outpatient.
  • In order for medical expenses to be covered, the insured must contract Coronavirus after the insurance plan is effective and the insured is outside their home country.

Other Covered Medical Expenses

  • Travel Medical Insurance covers illness or injury, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains. In some plans travel delays, and lost luggage are covered losses.
  • You can select benefit level and deductible amount. Benefit levels from $50,000 to $2,000,000 are available on plans which cover COVID-19. Deductible amount can be from $0 to $5,000.

Not all Travel Medical Plans Cover COVID-19 – These plans cover COVID-19

ALL of our International Student and Scholar Insurance Plans Cover COVID-19

ALL of our Trip Insurance Plans Cover COVID-19

  • Trip Insurance covers medical costs and also covers your trip costs, like air tickets, cruises, hotel costs.
  • Trip insurance is for people with a US residence address and can be used for domestic or international travel.
  • If you are concerned about protecting from travel disruptions each plan lists the types of disruptions covered. To be covered for ANY REASON look at Travel LX.
  • If you want to compare benefits of Trip Insurance Plans that cover COVID-19 select the iTravelInsured Travel Lite, iTravelInsured Travel SE, iTravelInsured Travel LX on this page: Compare Trip Coverage

How Much Will COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance cost?

  • You can customize a plan to meet your needs. There are plans that cost less than $1/day for many people. The cost will depend on where you are traveling to, your age, and the benefit level you choose.
  • Many people that are concerned about COVID-19 coverage are buying higher benefit levels to make sure they are protected in the event of a longer hospital stay.


Need Help?

  • Sometimes COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance can be confusing. If you would like help finding a plan to meet your needs, Contact Us.

updated 5/12/2022


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    Looking for a medical insurance which will be accepted,by the French Consulate, for the purpose of getting a six month visa to France

    1. // Reply

      Hi, and thanks for your interest.
      The plan listed on our partner Taian’s website for WorldTrips HCC Atlas Travel will be accepted by the French Consulate and covers COVID-19 illness. Please visit this webpage:
      You should be sure to select a $0 deductible on the Atlas Travel Plan to meet the visa requirements.

      Let us know if you have other questions.

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    I’m leaving fron Italy to Manila (Philippines) the first half of March.. The Filippine Depatment of Health is asking to me, in order to allow me to enter the country, to open an insurance covering a minimum amount of 35,000 U.S.D. in case of hospitalization due to the covid-19.
    I’m 76 years old and I suppose I will be in Manila between three and five months
    You prtobably olredy know this request because your insurance is one those suggested.
    Please, can send to me a quotation regarding this kind of insurance?
    Thank you

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for your question, We are glad to help!

      The Patriot International Travel Medical Plan will meet your needs. It covers COVID-19 same as any illness, and you are eligible to buy at age 76. You can select a benefit level of $50,000 and choose your deductible amount. Also, it will cover you for a trip from Italy to the Philippines. You can purchase for the whole trip, or since you aren’t sure how long you will be there, you can buy for 3 months, and then renew if your stay is extended to 5 months.

      The premium will depend on the deductible you choose. For a $0 deductible, you will pay $221.63 per month ($664.89 for 3 months, $1,108.15 for 5 months). Here is the monthly premium for other deductible choices:
      $100 deductible $195.03
      $250 deductible $177.30
      $500 deductible $159.57

      You can purchase from this link:

      You can read more about the plan here:

      Let me know if you have other questions.

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