J Visa International Visitor Program

J Visa International Visitor

The J Visa international visitor program is designed to help people with  programs in their efforts to strengthen interpersonal ties between foreign nations and the USA.

The J visa International visitor category is for people-to-people programs. The programs seek to develop and strengthen professional and personal ties between key foreign nationals and Americans and American institutions.

J Visa International Visitor Requirements:

To become an international visitor on a J visa, the United States Department of State must select you based on your leadership in a specific field or due to specific knowledge. The visa holder must participate in training, research, or demonstrate special skills.

As a J Visa international visitor, the visa holder will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of United States culture as well as contribute to United States culture and working with other countries.

Program Improves Cultural understanding:

Current or potential foreign leaders participate in professional meetings, observation tours, conferences, discussions, consultations, workshops and travel and seek to better understand U.S. culture and society and contribute to a better knowledge of foreign cultures in the United States.


An international visitor is not permitted to stay in the United States for longer than a year as an international visitor.  The J visa will be issued for as long as the program they are enrolled in lasts up to one year.  You can look up sponsors here.


As a requirement of being on a J visa, you must carry health insurance. For more information about J Visa health insurance requirements check out this article. For assistance finding the correct policy for your needs and budget contact TaiAn International Insurance. TaiAn has trained professionals standing by waiting to help you.   To purchase a plan that meets J visa requirements click here

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