COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance

COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance covers illness (including Coronavirus) or injury while traveling outside your home country.

What Expenses are Covered by COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance?

  • Medically Necessary COVID-19 Testing – A test prescribed by a physician that is performed after your effective date of coverage and after you depart your home country is a covered medical expense.
  • Treatment for COVID-19 whether inpatient or outpatient.
  • In order for medical expenses to be covered, the insured must contract Coronavirus after the insurance plan is effective and the insured is outside their home country.

Other Covered Medical Expenses

  • Travel Medical Insurance covers illness or injury, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains. In some plans travel delays, and lost luggage are covered losses.
  • You can select benefit level and deductible amount. Benefit levels from $50,000 to $2,000,000 are available on plans which cover COVID-19. Deductible amount can be from $0 to $5,000.

Not all Travel Medical Plans Cover COVID-19 – These plans cover COVID-19

ALL of our International Student and Scholar Insurance Plans Cover COVID-19

ALL of our Trip Insurance Plans Cover COVID-19

  • Trip Insurance covers medical costs and also covers your trip costs, like air tickets, cruises, hotel costs.
  • Trip insurance is for people with a US residence address and can be used for domestic or international travel.
  • If you are concerned about protecting from travel disruptions each plan lists the types of disruptions covered. To be covered for ANY REASON look at Travel LX.
  • If you want to compare benefits of Trip Insurance Plans that cover COVID-19 select the iTravelInsured Travel Lite, iTravelInsured Travel SE, iTravelInsured Travel LX on this page: Compare Trip Coverage

How Much Will COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance cost?

  • You can customize a plan to meet your needs. There are plans that cost less than $1/day for many people. The cost will depend on where you are traveling to, your age, and the benefit level you choose.
  • Many people that are concerned about COVID-19 coverage are buying higher benefit levels to make sure they are protected in the event of a longer hospital stay.


Need Help?

  • Sometimes COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance can be confusing. If you would like help finding a plan to meet your needs, Contact Us.

updated 4/1/2021


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    Looking for a medical insurance which will be accepted,by the French Consulate, for the purpose of getting a six month visa to France

    1. // Reply

      Hi, and thanks for your interest.
      The plan listed on our partner Taian’s website for WorldTrips HCC Atlas Travel will be accepted by the French Consulate and covers COVID-19 illness. Please visit this webpage:
      You should be sure to select a $0 deductible on the Atlas Travel Plan to meet the visa requirements.

      Let us know if you have other questions.

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